About Sucaro Freedom Sling

Susan Bellinson, a mother of two and a nurse-midwife, didn't like carrying a purse. She wanted something different – a bag that would leave her arms and hands free, that would keep her possessions organized and easily accessible, and that would be fun to wear.

The bag she wanted would have to be rugged enough to wear when she was biking, hiking, and skiing, but also look good enough to wear on an evening out, so that she wouldn't have to change bags when going from day to night or from one type of activity to another.

Sucaro Freedom Sling - great for biking

Susan spent years looking in stores for this kind of bag, but she couldn't find one anywhere. She realized that it simply did not exist. If she wanted to have it, she would need to make it herself. She also realized that if she wanted a stylish, hands-free, versatile bag, other people must be looking for the same thing. And so, a new business was born.

In July 2012, the Sucaro Freedom Sling was awarded a U.S. utility patent (In force until 2030)  based on its shape, versatility, and ergonomic features. The innovative bag that was inspired by one woman's need to solve a problem in her own life is now being used and enjoyed by men and women all around the world.