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Hands-Free sling for protest marches

College student Becca wore her new hands-free Freedom Sling to a recent protest in Washington D.C. (There are many these days so you might want one too.) She found the Sling very practical and comfortable all day. It holds so many things one needs for a day out without the bulk and discomfort of a shoulder bag. Move it where you need it.

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Possibly the best travel bag ever!

Looking for the best travel bag ever? This unisex bandolier style sling bag can be worn 6 different ways on the body making it versatile for all types of travel. The Sucaro Freedom Sling is a hands-free, ergonomic, healthy back bag you can wear all day and not know it's there. It keeps your valuables safe and secure no matter where you travel, no matter what you are doing. It's sleek design makes it possible to wear it under a coat for security and it can easily fold up in a back pack making it an invisible 3rd carry on when traveling by plane. The 5 secure pockets make it a great cell phone case while still being able to...

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